Scouting is a fun hobby. We play, go on trips, have camps, learn, make new friends and we have unforgettable experiences. At the gatherings of scout groups, versatile skills are practiced in a way that is suitable for one’s age group.

In 2023 the following groups will operate in our local group:

  • four groups of cub scouts (for 7-9 year olds)
  • one adventurer group (for 10-12 year olds)
  • one tracker group (for 12-15 year olds)
  • two family scout groups (for children under school age with their own adult)
  • adult scout group.

We also go to joint events (such as trips and camps) several times a year.

Membership fee

In 2023, the membership fee is a total of 74.5 e/year. This membership fee applies to the first family member and all adult members.
If both an adult in the family and a child participate in scouting, the membership fee is cheaper for the child.

Join our local group called Myllypuron Mustarastaat by filling out the membership form. (The guardian first adds their own information and then the child’s information.) NOTE! You can try scouting three times before committing to become a member.

Exemption from the membership fee can be granted on economic, health and social grounds. The exemption must be requested before the due date of the membership fee invoice. Exemption from membership fees is granted by The Guides and Scouts of Finland. To apply for a fee exemption, you need IDs in the Scout register Kuksa (PartioID). If you need advice, contact member service (

Ask for more information:

Local Group Leader Jarkko Luusua ( local group in general, adventurer group, adult scouts

Program Leader, local age section manager for cub scouts Vili Niinikivi ( cub scout groups

Jaakko Kemppainen ( family scouts

Volunteer Leader Severina Hujanen ( recruitment of group leaders and volunteer work